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LineDezine Studio Ltd

At LineDezine Studio Ltd, our client's satisfaction is our priority. We believe in working together, listening to our client's ideas, and coming up with solutions to make your dream house come true. 

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Where We Work

Our firm works in many municipalities all around Ontario. We specialize in designing both residential and commercial properties. We have provided our clients with innovative layouts, cost-effective solutions, and quality designs. Our team can work on various projects, from single-family homes to basement apartments. We take pride in our ability to provide projects that meet the needs of our clients, no matter where they are located.


Step 1:

Estimation of total time and cost.

Step 4: 

Finalize the drawings with the client.

Step 2: Measurement

Visit the site for measurement services.

Step 5: 
Send To City

Submit the plans to the city and get the building permit.

Step 3: Drafting

Create accurate drafts/ plans. 

Step 6: 

Give the approved building permit to the client!


416 - 567 - 3156

Thanks for submitting!

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